Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Troeg's Splinter Black

It was 14 degrees in the car when I started it at 6 a.m. this morning.  Why would I be getting into the car at 6 in the morning?  Troeg's was having the second release of their Splinter series, Splinter Black.  I did not have the Splinter Blue, but decided to have a bit of fun and stand in the freezing cold.  I have been a fan of series and sometimes do not completely understand their allure, but they usually are very good beers.

After trying a friend's awesome IPA homebrew the night before, we headed up to Troeg's and got in line for our wristbands.  We got to the line about 6:30, and were given #190 and #191.  I guess we weren't as crazy as I thought we were.  Standing in line, we found some people got to the parking lot around 4:30, many others showed up at 5 and even more were there before 6.  It was cold.  Some brought other special release beers (none of which I tried, due to my strict no beers before 11a.m. stance).  Scattered around the waiting line were bottles of Dechutes The Abyss (2009), Victory Dark Intregue, Terrapin Wake n Bake, Voodoo Brewing's Big Bad Voodoo Daddy and many more.

This morning showed to me the stregth and determination of beer geeks throughout Central/Western/Eastern Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland and probably many other states.


  1. Sounds like the same process that people go through on Kate the Great Day at Portsmouth Brewery in NH.

    Looks intriguing to say the least. I want to see a review on this one.

  2. @Barroomhero- I heard that Portsmouth is doing a Lottery this year, did you hear about that?

    I think the beer looks good. One bottle will be shipped out to my brother and his wife as a new baby/christmas gift, I hope they appreciate it; the other will receive a review at some point