Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Session, New Beer's Resolution

The Session for this month is hosted by Beer for Chicks.  The question is:
So we want to know what was your best and worst of beer for 2009? What beer mistakes did you make? What beer resolutions do you have for 2010? What are your beer regrets and embarrassing moments? What are you hoping to change about your beer experience in 2010?

I took multiple risks when ordering beer in the past year.  Hoping and wishing to hit the mark.  Some where great beers that I was thrilled to have, others were failures, that I hope to never remember having.  Of the top beers that I was able to try for the first time were Flying Dog Raging Bitch, Weyerbacher Zotten, multiple Belgians at the Belgian Festival and Stone's Vertical Epic 09-09-09.  All were special in their own way, and thrilled me.  But the beer that I feel was the best was a Jolly Pumpkin La Roja du Kriek, from the Michigan Brewer's Guild Summer Festival.

The worst beer that I had in the past year is most likely either Bud Light or Miller Light, both of which were free, a style of beer that I do not normally turn down.  But the worst mistake of a beer from the past year has to be trying the Bamberg Rauchbier from Saugatuck Brewing at the MBG Summer Festival.  I only had a sip, but it distorted the taste on the next couple of beers.  It wasn't that bad for a Rauchbier, but I just shouldn't have had it.

My beer resolution for the upcoming year is to brew a fantatic beer for my wedding.  We think was have it set as an Oktoberfest style Red ale, put that in your head (if you are a brewer/homebrewer let me know your thoughts).  It will be a good time, and hopefully we can produce something that everyone will love.  I was embarrassed to order a Bud Light at the bar.  But sometimes, late at night, it is easier and cheaper to go that route.

My biggest regret is that I missed out on so many beers.  There are always great beers coming out, and I just don't have the time to get out and grab them all.  I make it so hard to get to Max's and Mahaffeys for their casks/firkins, when I should just get over there for some great real ale.

Hopefully in 2010, I will be able to travel and experience more of the beer culture.  Going again to the MBG Summer Festival, maybe getting the Colorado and finally to California.  I would love to try some of the hard to find beers that I have not had the opportunity to have, Westys are on the top of that list.  And finally, I just hope to have a fun and safe time around beer, while meeting unique beerites along the way.

Cheers to 2010.

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