Monday, June 1, 2009

Jack's on Saturday night

We are going through a good stretch of luck at Jack's Bistro. Saturday night we show up to a full place and get a table in a couple of minutes. Two minutes after we are seated, there is a line of probably 10 people for tables.

Anywho, I had some fantastic Steak Frites. I wasn't sure which beers to throw at it, so I went with the Three 6oz pours for $8. BA Ozzy, Witkap ("Grape Koolaid") Double, and an IPA that I am ticked I can't remember what it is. (I will update this to say what it is.) Both the meal the the beer was great. Fun time.

How was your weekend?

UPDATE: The IPA I had was the Rogue Frog Rye IPA. It was delicious and I am kind of embarrassed that I forgot what it was.

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