Monday, March 5, 2012

Three Cheers to Local Beers

This month’s  The Session is hosted by Hoosier Beer Geek and focuses on Local beers:
What does it really mean though?  Is it more of a marketing term or is there substance behind the moniker? This month I want to think about what makes local beer better?  I'm not just talking about the beer itself, although it's the focal point, but what makes local beer better?  My connection to local beer is far from thinking that my beer is actually "local." 

For me, local started when I first started drinking. I had the pleasure of being introduced to the Selin’s Grove Brewpub, as I went to college in the town. They really don’t have a bad beer, and it destroyed the Natty Light, Busch Light, etc. that was the going rate for college students.  As for my everyday, keep in the fridge stuff, I also stayed local.  Yuengling. Sure it is bigger than many local joints, but it was brewed less than an hour away, and I knew some of the employees.

As I have continued to drown myself in craftbeerdom, I have continued to take my stance on local. I have found that I just want to help out the guy down the road. Sure it might not be the absolute best beer, service might be a little off, or whatnot- but it is nice to keep him going. Maybe over time the beer will get better, the servers will learn more and the food will improve.  I don’t always know why I make these decisions, but I think it has something to do with me hoping people help out whatever business I get into someday.


(Yep, I was late this month.)

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