Monday, January 16, 2012

Snowblower Saison

Decided to brew up some sort of belgian that will act somewhat like a saison. Sure, everyone has lawnmower beers, but when it is the middle of winter, you need a snowblower beer.

I love Czech Saaz, so I made modest additions. I was hoping that the hops add a bit of flavor and aroma, but I didn't want it to dominate either.  I used some Candi Sugar to help dry it out a bit, and the smaller amounts of specialty grains to just give it a little something.  I wanted to use Pilsner Extract, but the LHBS didn't have any. I am sure it won't be that big of a deal.

This was also my first time using my immersion chiller. What a great addition to my equipment. Along with the 40 degree weather, the chiller took my wort from 210 down to 75 in about 20 minutes. That is so much better than the old waterbath. I lost a little more due to boil off and also lost a third of a gallon due to a hose malfuntion. I have now decided that my next equipment upgrade will be a brewpot with a valve to make it easier to transfer to my fermentor.

Here is my recipe:

7 lbs. Light LME
4 oz. Belgian Aromatic
4 oz. Honey Male
4 oz. Belgian Biscuit
1 lb. Light Candi Sugar

1 oz. Czech Saaz (60 minutes)
1 oz. Czech Saaz (10 minutes)

White Labs Belgian Saison I (WLP565)

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  1. Wort chillers are the best piece of equipment you can buy! Your brewing life just got a whole lot easier—and faster!