Friday, November 4, 2011

Session #57: My Guilt, My Secret

After a stolen laptop made it so that Pete Brown couldn't host the 57th Session, Beers I've Know stepped up to the plate with the topic: "Beery Confessions: Guilty Secrets/Guilty Pleasure Beer":
One of the things I most enjoy about blogs and personal writing in general is the ability to have a window into another's life, in a semi-voyeuristic way. So I'd like to know your beery guilty secrets. Did you have a particularly embarassing first beer (in the same way that some people purchase an atrocious song as their first record) or perhaps there's still a beer you return to even though you know you shouldn't? Or maybe you don't subscribe to the baloney about feeling guilty about beers and drink anything anyway?

You're also welcome to write about bad drinking experiences you've had as a result of your own indulgence or times when you've been completely wrong about a beer but not yet confessed to anyone that you've changed your mind.
Can my guilty pleasure be Yuengling? What about Guinness?  They are two beers that many craft beer advocates would not supports (one made with corn, the other a macro). I think Stella Artois is a great beer to drink during a party in the summer (owned by A-B). My first beer (Yuengling) isn't too embarrassing.  I guess I could talk about the horrible end to the first night of my bachelor party (darn you huge shots of Wild Turkey). I guess I just named most of my guilty pleasures right there.
Yuengling- this easy drinking beer is local to me.  A couple friends work at the brewery and it is cheap and tastes good.  Easily the beer that I have drank the most of in my life.
Guinness- brought me into liking dark beers.  Still a beer that I will order on occasion, and a beer that helps define the stout.
Stella Artois- this beer was the first to get me to start trying belgians.  HA isn't that funny!  But I still enjoy one during the summer.
Bachelor Party- we usually go for beer, find delicious shots, and have a long night. Sometimes I wish the night would last longer.  We did have great times in Baltimore and Ithaca though.
So these are my guilty pleasures.  Not bad beer, not super embarassing stories, but guilty non the less.
What are your guilty pleasures?


  1. My guilty pleasures are PBR in a can after yard work, and an occasional Blue Moon. No freaking fruit in my Blue Moon! :)

  2. Yuengling is a great beer for the price and I agree with dale about fruit in my beer. I don't know who came up with that idea but I can live without it.