Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Great Divide Yeti vs. Southern Tier Mokah

The first Final Four game pairs Southern Tier's Mokah against Great Divide's Yeti.

What can I say about these two beers?  Both immediately come to mind when I feel like a big stout.  Both are great with dinner, after dinner or in the middle of the day.  Both measure up on the rating sites (Both A- on Beer Advocate; Yeti is a 100, Mokah a 99 on Rate Beer).  Both have huge coffee and chocolate notes to them. Where do these differ? Area of the country.

Great Divide is an awesome brewery in Denver, Colorado.  I love and respect this brewery so much that I sent a friend there when she was in town for a conference (I have heard wonders of their tasting room).  I pick up their variety packs, and have never been disappointed.  The Yeti can come in a variety of styles.  Oak  aged, Chocolate Oak aged, Espresso Oak aged, Barrel aged and the regular finishing.  Almost all of the different Yetis are a turn on and off to certain people.  I prefer the Barrel aged to the Oak.  I like the Chocolate, but the Espresso is too much.  There is a variety for every one.

The Mokah on the other hand, is a blend of the Java and Chokolat. Southern Tier is based out of  Lakewood, in the southern tier of New York.  Fifteen miles or so from Lake Erie. I love this brewery as well, with many of their offerings being regulars in my rotation.  The Mokah compliments both the coffee and chocolate flavors well, making sure that neither gets the upper hand.

If it was up to me, I think I would enjoy a Yeti instead of the Mokah (but this was a hard decision to make).

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