Monday, March 28, 2011

The Final Four!

It comes down to this.  The final week.  Four teams (beers) that not very many people picked to make it this far.

I was down on Chimay (VCU) this year.  Didn't think it had what it takes, but they came through strong.  From the Play-In, all the way to the Final Four.  Chimay matches against Yuengling Traditional Lager.  Yuengling (Butler), even though it is a beer that I drink all the time (maybe even my regular beer), has showed that it can be what it was in previous years (Butler was in the finals last year).

The other side of the bracket matches Southern Tier Mokah (Kentucky) and Great Divide Yeti (UConn).  Two big big stouts that have something to prove. I have long been a champion of both these beers, and they have finally lived up to their Beer Bracket promise.  Great semifinal shaping up.

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