Monday, June 14, 2010

Tableside Taps

A new Washington D.C. bar is installing table side taps for the table goers to purchase beer from (I learned from this post, that cited this post).  I had seen this unique asset online that a bar was going to install in Atlanta, but now it is coming to D.C.

I think that table side taps would be a great idea- if used in a smart way.  The way that the taps work, is that the customer swipes a card next to the taps, and pours their beer.  The amount of beer and price is displayed next to the tap, letting the customer know how much the beer costs as well as the amount they pour.

I am not what beers will be poured through the taps, although the article mentioned that it wouldn't beer Schlitz.  (This is MY idea, not how the bar will work)-> I would love for a bar to have this system in place, with the ablility to "rent" the table for the night and have a selection of beers to be placed on the taps.  This way, you could get as good or as crappy a beer that you would like.  This way, the table could buy the beer by the cup, or buy the keg (1/6) before hand and just pour.  The cost to rent the table would give you a place to sit all night, as well as the bar gaining the upfront money to offset the cost of people not buying by the glass.  That is what my ideal would be for the bar.

Check out the post to see the awesome photos of the tables.

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  1. Very neat idea. It would also be neat if they could somehow install two prices for each beer - a sample price and a full glass price. It would be a fun way to sample a few different beers right at your table.