Friday, April 2, 2010

Session 38

This month of The Session is hosted by Beer Search Party, asking us to comment on what beer deserves its own day in the sun, its own release party, etc.

I have not been to many release parties. Not completely upset at it, as there are way too many beers that I need to try. I would love to be at Dark Lord Day, or Kate the Great. But I am fine not being there. As
for beer that deserves its own day, I would have to go with Flying Dod's Raging Bitch.

This beer has been my favorite beer for the past year, and I have found few people that do not like it. That is what a big release should be for. An affordable, awesome beer that most people have loved.  Here is to Raging Bitch Day 2010. (Flying Dog does have monthly Bitch Sessions, which could be considered a monthly release party, and they are awesome.)

There have been some beers that were highly praise and been major disappointment to me. First beer that comes to mind was the He'Brew Jewbilation 13. I was looking forward to this beer, and I just didn't
enjoy it. Maybe after a little time he spices will blend together a little better.

But for now, I will enjoy the Bitch.

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