Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Can it be fresher?

Tonight's brew is HopMouth from Arcadia Brewing out of Battle Creek, Michigan.  I was given this bottle from my brother, guaranteed fresh.  Why was it guarenteed fresh?  Because he helped bottle and package it.  On Monday, November 23, my brother and his home-brewing buddies traveled to Arcadia.  Arcadia apparently only bottles on Mondays.  If you show up in the morning, sign in, and stay, you become their free labor.  Your reward- pizza at lunch and a case to take home.  Working in the brewery was a neat experience, and the take home was just icing on top (it was also one of his buddy's birthday).

A little about Arcadia Brewing.  They brew their beers in small batches.  As noted above, they bottle on Mondays, proving that their output is not as large as other breweries.  I have seen their beers in our region, I have seen Max's have HopMouth and their other big IPA (Hop Rocket) on tap every once in a while.  Probably my favorite name of any beer they brew is Cereal Killer, a absolutely delicious Barleywine.  The reason it is called Cereal Killer, is because Battle Creek is also home to Kellogg's cereals.  I think the name is genious.

Anywho, that is my beer for the night, and tomorrow looks like Max's (to see if they have any left over Jolly Pumpkin) and then home to drink some more of my wedding beer- Post on that beer will be coming soon.

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  1. For some reason, I've always passed on their beers. Gonna give them a shot next time around. Wish I could find the Cereal Killer in this region!