Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Session 102 - The Future Landscape of Beer

The Session is a monthly post by many bloggers discussing a question posed by one. This month's session is brought to you by ActiveBrewer and he wonder how we see the Landscape of Beer for the future.

When I look the the future for craft beer, I see more growth. For years and years, there has been talk of this Craft Bubble bursting. I don't see this happening. Sure some brewers will close up shop, but I think that is due to subpar product/marketing/planning, not due to a bubble burst. People love craft beer and want to drink good beer. 

The question also asked about the larger companies buying up smaller brewers and how there is a blurring of the line for "small and independent". Honestly, I'm all for the big companies buying the successful smaller guys. This can be seen as the payoff for the hard work the owners put into building the brand. Many of these buy ups do not result in inferior beer, rather the beer quality remains the same delicious brews. 

No one knows what the future holds for craft beer. Maybe it gets to the 20% market share goal that the Brewers Association would love for it to get to. I don't know. All I know is that many awesome brewers will be producing awesome beer. And that is what I am excited for.

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