Monday, May 7, 2012

The A-B-Cs

A month or so ago, I saw the Sam Adam's commercial on television that talks about their ABCs of Great Beer. While I do like their ABCs:

I just got thinking about what would be the ABCs of my perfect beer. First off, I would have to find out what I liked in beer, next I would have to figure out what words I can use to fulfill the A, B and C.

So here is my list:

Attitude is what the beer say to you. I want a beer that once that sip hits your lips it says HI. It lingers in your thoughts. When you think of it, your mouth waters a little bit. Each beer has an attitude, the great ones develop their own.

Bitterness is not only for super hopped up beers. Sometimes it is the mild bitterness that can make the biggest difference in a beer. Just because it has 120 IBUs does not make it great. What can make it great is the way the bitterness is used to hide some of the alcohol, break up the sweetness, or give it another layer.
Conversation has nothing to do with the pour, color or head retention. What it is about is how well the beer goes with friends. I love sharing conversation over a pint, starting a conversation with a stranger over what is in their glass, or just having a conversation with myself (yeah, I am kind of crazy) in my head about the beer.

These three things give me joy when it comes to drinking good craft beer. If I have a beer with attitude, the right bitterness, and hit helps create a conversation, I will consider it a great beer.

What are your ABCs?


  1. I think I'm going to have to combine your list with the Sam Adam's list.

    I really like your A and C. And I understand your reasoning behind Bitterness. I just can't get on board with that one.

  2. I like your expansion of A, B, C.
    I would match the C with convivial.
    Convivial :relating to, occupied with, or fond of feasting, drinking, and good company.

    Merriam-Webster reports: from Latin convivium banquet, from com- + vivere to live — more at quick. First Known Use: circa 1668.

    I collected the word from one of Pete Brown's books; likely the first.