Monday, July 25, 2011

Summertime, Summertime, Sum Sum Summertime

This past summer has been kind of tough.  With a pregnant wife, a best friend that got married and a million things going on with work and the house, I haven't spent nearly enough time drinking craft beer, or out and about to see what is new.

What did happen this year is:
  • I have had a Dogfish Head Namaste in the fridge for the entire summer (this should have been drunk in the past week, with the 90+ weather everyday).  
  • At Shanks, I did have a Victory Summer Love, which I would drink everyday. I have also had a Flying Fish IPA and St. Boniface ESB- two good beers to style.
  • I have two neighbors interested in my next brew day.  
  • I am starting to plan two brew days:
    • one a fall easy drinking ESB
    • a Maple Porter to be ready for Thanksgiving.  
  • I have started my keg system (for my friend's wedding we kegged homebrew, which means we bought kegs and borrowed a CO2 cylander- that's our next purchase). 
  • I bought my first glass carboy to use as a secondary (formerly, I left it in primary for a long time- all positive results).
  • From the recently married friend, I receive my very own hot dog roller and drunken man handle growler
  • I was able to pick up the AB:05 and AB:06 BrewDog Abstrakt beers, which keeps my collection up to date. From Jmooy, I also picked up a Evolution Menagerie No.5- good god, I need to open it and drink it.
  • The beer box was finally moved into the basement for a cooler, more stable temperature (eventually we will finish the basement and I will have the beers on shelves instead of in the beer box).
The Hot Dog Roller


  1. I like the sound of the Maple Porter. Looking forward to the post on that one.

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