Friday, June 3, 2011

The Session #52- Beer Collectibles & Breweriana- Gift Edition

I did not post for The Session last month.  Why? I know nothing about cheese. This month, the topic comes from All Over Beer:
As host of Session #52, I’ve decided not to focus on the substance of beer, but the material that plays a supporting role. Bottles, coasters, cans, labels, ads, tap handles, church keys, hats, t-shirts, tip trays, glassware and signs have been collected by fanatics ever since beer has been sold.

Like all other beer geeks, I have a rather large glassware selection.  Mine came to me through giveaways at bars (mostly Max's Wednesday pint night).  But I will not bore you with my favorite or memorable glasses. Instead, I will talk about gifts- while it is not totally on par with The Session topic, I will write anyway.

First is a gift I gave my brother- the somewhat-expert homebrewer. When traveling to a friends house to sample each other's homebrews, he would take along a leftover six pack holder from a case of beer he drank. I took note, and then found (on Etsy) a guy who made custom wooden six pack carriers.  It instantly became the talk of their little homebrew circle (I made up a logo for his "brewery", and had the ever famous Be Franklin misquote on it).  Even after they moved, he still uses it to lug his beer around, sometimes from the kitchen to the living room.  Definitely the coolest 6er I have ever seen.

The second gift I will talk about was the chalkboard they got me for Christmas this past year.  After buying our house, we were in need of cool beery decorations, enter the Tetley's mirror/chalkboard.  It works well as a mini show piece, as well as a makeshift brew schedule. I do not have many beer items on the walls, but this one is allowed to keep its place.

So for me, these two pieces of beer items are cool to see and talk about.  Hopefully someday I will get my own six-pack carrier.  And if you are looking for one, or looking for a great gift to give someone, check out that link.

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  1. That wooden six pack carrier is fantastic. I'm tempted to try making one myself.

    My wife also made a simple chalkboard out of a cheap picture frame. It hangs on the kitchen wall, and I keep it up to date with what's currently "on tap". Guests always love it.