Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Valentine's Day gifts

I caught a hold of DRAFT Mag's "6 Valentine's gifts for beer lovers" article this morning and noticed two things:

A) They are some cool items to get for beer people.
from his etsy page (not my purchase)
B) They have listed a 4-pack/6-pack holder from a guy on Etsy.

I feel bad that I don't think I ever mentioned this, but for Christmas last year, this was my gift to my brother. And it was Awesome. He carries his homebrew in it everywhere he goes. His neighbors were jealous (all homebrewers) and were hinting to their spouses to get them one.  A couple things about it:
-it is very sturdy, no thought of it coming apart.
-it can be customized. I sent the graphic to the maker, it came out perfectly. (And I am pretty sure he will be able to draft something simple up for you if you don't have something.)
-he is a real person. It is great to work with someone with a small workshop in his basement.
-it adds a personal touch to any gift. Check out the other stuff, from wedding invitations to coasters to jewelry boxes, the stuff is quality.

This is definitely a gift that almost all beer lovers would like.  Whether it is a homebrewer taking their own beer to a party, or someone who just wants to have something cool on their shelf, it works.

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