Friday, July 23, 2010

The Restaurant Search (Part 2)

My local restaurant search lead me to a brewpub that is less than 7 miles from my house.  Located in the town of Mt. Joy, Bube's Brewing is a modern brewery that is housed in the original building of a 19th century brewery.

This establishment hosts multiple dining rooms, including a Biergarden.  These rooms are all unique, with one of the rooms hosting murder mystery events.  The menu looked good to us, and we felt like braving the heat to sit on a patio, so we ventured over.

Walking into the large, warehouse/factory style building (you could tell it was old) places you with the option of dining areas.  We were led out back to the biergarden.  Even though it was hot (and it was made worse as we were placed in a corner with limited air movement), the open space was very nicely put together.  Trees were covering overhead, limiting the amount of natural light-- there was more than enough, but we could tell the difference when we left.  The service was pleasant and usually available.  The food was good, nothing special, but it made us happy.

But the beer was spot on. And it happened to be the reason that I wanted to go.  While waiting for our table (only 3-4 minutes), I spotted the brewery's beer board.  On top of that list was a Berliner Weisse- and I love sour beers (pictured above).  So my first beer was no hard choice.  The Berliner Weisse was nice and sour, with a quick bite in the finish.  My second beer was their Scottish ale.  It was not too peaty, which is how I enjoy the style.  Overall, I really enjoyed the beer, and will be back to try the others available.  They also had an ESB, Lager and Brown ale.  The only thing that I would have wanted was for the beer to be a little colder to start.  My fiance's mojito on the other hand, left much to be desired.

Great experience at a place I will be back to again.

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