Thursday, October 29, 2009

Nice surpise of the night

Max's yesterday had some great beers on tap, but I decided to not drink at 10%+. It was hard, so after my Flying Dog (Pint Night) Snake Dog IPA, which is a good basic IPA- nothing great, nothing wrong- I had a Duvel Green, which is a nice Golden (wouldn't expect anything less from Duvel).

For my final beer, I took a stab at a brewery called Het Alternatief. Their sour, Piet-Agoras, was extremely delightful. I need to get at this beer again with a clean mouth, but I thought it was a complex beer, with some sourness pushing through a bit of bitterness. The flavors exploded in my mouth, lemon/citrus/caramel and others. I need to get it again to see what I can find.

What have you had lately?

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  1. Sounds pretty good!

    I need to stop going on Tuesday nights and meet up with you on Wednesdays!